How do I get tattooed by LT Woods?
To start the process you must first go to LT’s website, LTWOODSART.COM, and submit your idea via the “Contact” link on my page. Please be very thorough when describing your ideas, body placement, and size.

What happens next?
LT will then review the requests that he receives and determine based on your email which projects he is interested in taking on. Due to the overwhelming amount of requests that LT receives, there is no way for him to be able to take on every project that is presented. In order to continue the growth and evolution of his art, he is looking for projects that spark immediate interest and inspiration.

Where is LT Woods located?
LT Woods has multiple guest spot and convention dates and location, listed on the ‘Travel Schedule’. LT Woods tattoos by appointment at Alchemy Tattoo Collective

in Historic Cherokee Street District 2839 Cherokee Street Saint Louis Missouri 63118

Additional Information:
All drawings will be done for the day of appointment or drawn directly on the skin and will not be available for viewing before your scheduled appointment date.
Anyone that allows the time between appointments to lapse beyond one year will lose their deposit and priority booking. Exemptions may apply in times of serious illness or pregnancy.